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Water softeners do a great job at getting rid of some heavy metals along with hardness, however water softening systems are not the best way to remove organic and inorganic materials (such as microbiological contaminants) and particulates (such as sand, rust and silt). VESTA® whole house water filters reduce these impurities with a fine physical barrier, chemicals, or some other method to help clean water and make it suitable for drinking or other uses.

Carbon Filters – Activated carbon is a widely used filtration substance. Activated carbon targets various volatile organic compounds, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and various pesticides and petroleum related compounds.

Sediment Filters – Systems remove contaminants as water enters your home. Whole house filtration systems are installed where water enters the home plumbing system and reduces sediment, sand and rust at the main water supply so there’s less build up inside water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and other appliances and fixtures.

Scale Reduction Systems – These systems don’t soften water, but transform the calcium and magnesium carbonate (temporary hardness) of the water into mechanically stable and heat resistant calcite crystals (nanometre size) which no longer cause lime deposits. The calcium and magnesium crystals are rinsed away.

Acid Neutralizer Systems – Calcite will raise the pH of your water from an acidic nature to a “neutral” pH and get rid of any blue/green staining of fixtures, toilets, sinks, etc.

Your professional VESTA water conditioning dealer is trained and dedicated to providing the best solution for your home..for your family.

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Key Features

  • All VESTA controls feature solid state microprocessors with easy access front panel settings
  • Double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency
  • Fully adjustable regeneration cycles- saves water
  • Days override feature from 1 to 28 days available
  • Stores system configuration and operation data in non-volatile memory
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance by your VESTA installer
  • Extended lithium battery backup
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens
  • High quality filtration medias to target specific water problems
  • VESTA brand plate style tank design delivers evenly distributed and high quality flows thru the system

Key Benefits

  • In the Bathroom In the Bathroom

    Whole house filtration provides clean safe water throughout the home, not just at one faucet. You’ll have water for brushing your teeth and showering or even a luxurious bath with out objectionable tastes, odors or a host of other harmful elements giving you peace of mind.

  • In the Kitchen In the Kitchen

    Although water softeners get rid of some heavy metals along with hardness, water filtration systems are the best way to remove organic and inorganic materials (microbiological contaminants) and particulates (sand, rust and silt). Everything in your water effects the taste of all your cook and drink.

  • Safety Safety

    Municipal & private water supplies may contain contaminants and harmful chemicals. It’s very common for chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to be added at the municipal level to water for disinfection. The EPA notes that standard municipal chlorine-based disinfectants can create toxic byproducts, and absorption through the skin is a significant risk with many types of water contaminants.

  • Plumbing & Appliances Plumbing & Appliances

    Whole house filtration systems remove contaminants as water enters the home. By reducing the sediment and rust buildup in your water your appliances will last longer. Rust and slime buildup make your appliances work harder and less efficiently, requiring more maintenance or replacement.

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