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Your Water

Public (city water) water supplies are treated to make water potable or safe to drink. Just because water is safe to drink does not make it free of hardness, iron or objectionable tastes and minerals. As water travels through the pipes to get to your home it can pick up minerals. Aging infrastructure is susceptible to breaks which lead to boil alerts. 


According to the National Groundwater Association (NGWA), forty-seven percent of the United States depend on groundwater for their basic drinking water supply. Private wells and/or surface water supplies contain a variety of contaminants because it has not had any treatment what so ever. The NGWA also recommends well owners test their water at least annually for bacteria, nitrates, and any contaminants of local concern. More frequent testing should be considered if:

  • There is a change in the taste, odor, or appearance of the well water, or if a problem occurs such as a broken well cap, inundation by floodwaters, or a new contamination source
  • The well has a history of bacterial contamination
  • The septic system has recently malfunctioned
  • Family members or house guests have recurrent incidents of gastrointestinal illness  

When is it time to seek professional help for your water?

  • If your tap water doesn’t taste good
  • If your tap water doesn’t smell good
  • If your water doesn’t lather properly when mixed with soap
  • If your water leaves scale or spots on surfaces
  • If you’ve had laboratory testing done and aren’t sure how to solve the problems

Your Vesta Water Treatment Professional can help you sort through the options because water is complex, has many potential contaminants and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Vesta water conditioners are custom built to fit your particular needs.