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Bacteria and viruses are microorganisms regulated by the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Levels criteria. Bacteria are typically single-celled microorganisms which can cause health problems. Viruses, also microorganisms, are small and are often associated with disease of fecal origin and transmitted by waterborne infection.

Various types of bacteria and viruses are categorized as pathogens, disease-causing organisms that can be found in pretreated or inadequately treated water. Among these are Legionella, also know as Legionnaires disease, a naturally occurring bacteria typically found in warm water and is at greatest risk when aerosolized such as in a shower or air conditioning system and inhaled. Other viruses are Polioviruses, echoviruses and coxsackieviruses, small viruses known as Enteroviruses that live in the intestines of infected humans or animals after ingested. 

Popular Treatment Technology

Depending upon the bacteria/viruses, your type of water and the amount of water to be treated will determine which disinfecting treatment will work best for you. Among the most popular is Ultra Violet Technology (UV), Ozone, Chlorine and Chloramine. Many standard treatments, including filtration, sedimentation and coagulation can also effectively remove viruses. Be sure to have your water tested so the right disinfecting system can be chosen for your particular needs.

Solutions to rid your home water of harmful bacteria and viruses