Vesta Salt-Free Water Conditioners

Vesta Water Conditioners that do not use salt. These environmentally friendly systems are maintenance free and don't use chemicals!

  • Vesta Salt-Free Conditioner
  • Vesta Tank Plate Distribution System

Vesta salt-free water conditioners feature Filtersorb SP3 media. The media takes advantage of a technology in which the chemical structure of scale forming minerals is changed. Calcium and Magnesium hardness is transformed into non-soluble micro crystals. This technology is so effective that it requires a contact time of only seconds.

The media is used in an up-flow system with no back-washing necessary, therefore only an in-out head is needed. FilterSorb SP3 transforms the dissolved calcium carbonate (temporary hardness) into non-charged, neutral chemical bonds. The bonds are completely stable and can't attach to any surfaces, so the chemical bonds are just rinsed away by the water flow. 

The size of the bonds is so small, in the range of nano-meters, they can only be seen with a microscope. Therefore the effect is the same as if the water was free of temporary hardness (calcium carbonate). The media is used to clean pipes from already existing scale and to help protect pipes and hardware from scale.

Key Features

  • Environmentally Friendly Green Technology • No Chemicals • No Salt • No added Sodium to the Water • No Maintenance • No Water Waste
  • System media, FilterSorb® SP3, is certified under ANSI/NSF 61 from WQA, USA
  • No Change in TDS: FilterSorb® SP3 does not take out or add anything in the water. There is no ion-exchange chemistry (water softener) used so TDS remains unchanged before and after the treatment.
  • No Change to pH: pH of the water remains same making treated water suitable most applications where corrosion is a concern.
  • Rich Minerals Preserved: FilterSorb SP3 does not add sodium or other chemicals to the water, it simply converts the Calcium and Magnesium contents of water.
  • De-Scaling: FilterSorb SP3 prevents scale formation in water pipes and appliances, it also helps reduce the previously formed scale.
  • Biocides: The process creates a condition that water dissolved CO2 accumulates to form micro-bubbles. These CO2 bubbles actively destroy bacterial membranes acting as a biocide. So along with the scale prevention FilterSorb SP3 also helps prevent Biofouling.